Home is the backdrop of life; serving as a re-charging dock, the setting of many of life’s most meaningful events & memories, as well as the place our simplest daily routines occur. From $40 paint decisions to full home renovations, our goal is to minimize the anxiety, confusion, and mystery that is often associated with the home renovation experience.


Dwell West aims to provide a service that, alone, many contractors, interior designers, and architects cannot. Dwell West guides homeowners through the process as a friend; designing, brainstorming, and sharing insights with clients as if we were living your life, in your home. We hope to learn about you, and your home in a way that leads to healthy, wise, and tasteful decisions. Click the “services” tab for more information on how we can partner with you on your next, or first project. We are excited to dream with you.


Christian Shappee brings his formal design training in product design, over a decades worth of hands on construction experience, and an obsession with homes that dates back to 1998.


As a lifelong artist, and floor plan fanatic, Christian Shappee brings a unique approach to the home renovation process. Intrigue with homes began at around age 5 years old when construction on Shappee’s childhood home started. Hours of HGTV with mom (long before HGTV was cool), countless trips to Lowes & Home Depot as a family, and learning a multitude of construction skills alongside dad and grandpa, have all contributed to a love for all things home!


With 10+ years of professional design experience in creative direction, design management, product design, and graphic design, his creative soul always returns to “home.” Shappee is a proud Arizona native, and Arizona State University Sun Devil with a BSD in Industrial Design, BA in Design Management, & Minor in Sustainability, from the Barrett Honors College at ASU.